Thousands of years ago, silk was introduced to Europe along the ancient Silk Road, bringing not only exquisite clothing accessories, but also the ancient and splendid oriental civilization. Since then, silk has almost become the communicator and symbol of oriental civilization. Our family has been specializing in handmade silk products since our grandfather. For decades, my family has made many products, such as cheongsam, shoes, folding fans, combs and some accessories. In my shop, what you get is not only commodities, but also rich Chinese civilization. You will absolutely love them.
We have designed many cheongsam dresses, men's clothes and trousers with oriental elements. You can use them as gifts for special days, holidays, birthdays, and the New Year.
If you are looking for the right clothes for a wedding, tea ceremony, wedding anniversary or any kind of party. Then you can find everything you want here.
Not only that, if you are ready to shoot a photo, catwalk, travel. My shop can still satisfy you.