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Traditional Chinese lace cheongsam. Modern Cheongsam. Elegant evening dress.

Traditional Chinese lace cheongsam. Modern Cheongsam. Elegant evening dress.

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Size (Stretch Velvet)
M-Bust: 34", Waist 27.5", Hips 35.5"

L-Bust: 35.5", Waist 29", Hips 37"

XL-Bust: 37", Waist 30.5", Hips 38.5"

2XL-Bust: 38.5", Waist 32", Hips 40"

3XL-Bust: 40", Waist 33.5", Hips 41.5"

4XL-Bust: 41.5", Waist 35", Hips 43"


🌺 Product :
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We have designed many cheongsam dresses, men's clothes and trousers with oriental elements. You can use them as gifts for special days, holidays, birthdays, and the New Year.
If you are looking for the right clothes for a wedding, tea ceremony, wedding anniversary or any kind of party. Then you can find everything you want here.
Not only that, if you are ready to shoot a photo, catwalk, travel. My shop can still satisfy you.


📐 Size :
Custom-tailor:No charge(The premise is that the size you want does not exceed the maximum size too much)
If you provide your measurement value, we will take your measurement as the standard to custom tailor the cheongsam.
Dimensions are for reference (all in cm). Please note that these are Chinese sizes and may be different from US, UK and EU sizes. If you are not sure about your size, please add personalized messages (height, weight, bust, waist, hip, shoulder width) and I will make a dress suitable for you.


👗 wash:
wash with water below 30 ℃ and gently rub it with shower gel. Do not soak for a long time. When washing for the first time, you can add a little salt to protect the color.

Material and Cut

Sew it

If you need custom tailoring, you can add a note or email me, I may not reply to your email, but I will customize the dress for you according to your email content.
(Bust, Waist, Hip, Shoulder, Height, Weight)

We have some stocks, but not much. In most cases, we start to make cheongsam after receiving your order.
We will process the orders according to their priority. Normally, your order will be processed and sent within 5 days.
Pure handmade products and because of the expensive tax policy of the customs, we don't accept return and exchange.
The fabric technology we use is our exclusive original design. The main raw materials include silk, polyester fiber, spandex, cotton, velvet and flax.
When making cheongsam, we will consider the wearer's daily activities such as walking, sitting and so on, so we will adjust it appropriately according to the measurement data (height, weight, bust, waist and hip) provided by you to make it not very tight.


🚢 Normal transportation: It takes about 10-25 days to transport to all parts of the world. (including order processing time)
🚀 Upgrade transportation: If you need expedited shipping, please contact me, we will use SF Express to expeditiously ship your package, you will pay about $30-40 for expedited shipping. Shipping takes 7-15 days to everywhere.

*Except for special circumstances. For example, delays caused by COVID

Special instructions

💖 Special instructions:
Recently, I noticed that other websites stole my pictures and sold products similar to mine. Maybe you will see the same situation. All the products in my shop are original designs that we have accumulated for many years. Others may be able to imitate our product appearance, but they cannot imitate our raw material manufacturing process and product manufacturing details. These are the key to the quality of our products.
Please support originality and follow us.
Avoid missing promotions and product updates.
Thank you for everything. Thank you for your coming.
Have a good day."
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